Our Story

We're shaking up the charity sector. Bringing fresh young perspectives to how the third sector views people, ideas and governance.

What are we trying to change?

We think the charity sector is awesome, every day thousands of people come together to play their part in changing the world. But this couldn’t happen without Governance, which we know sounds dry.

Trustees are the people giving their time for free, to keep the good work going. They take ultimate responsibility, drive forward their organisations and live and breath the values that make the charity sector what it is.

However, trustee boards don’t always represent society, the average age of a trustee in the UK is 61 and less than 0.5% of trustee roles are filled by someone between 18-24. 92% of trustees are white and only 36% of trustees are women.

0 %
Of trustees are white
100 %
Trustee positions filled by 18-24 year olds.
Average age of a trustee
0 %
Of trustees are female

This needs to change, and we want to be a part of that change.

Why is change needed?

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) did a load of great research in 2015 about the diversity of boards in the charity sector, they published this report and said:

“People of different ages see and experience the world differently, and the dominance of older people as trustees means that charities are failing to gain proper insight into the diverse views and perspectives held by people of different ages, including their beneficiaries and donors.

It is important for the charity sector that young people are developing the leadership skills and experience required to lead charities in the future. It’s also vital that young people get involved with charities working in a variety of fields. Broadening the experience of young people can help the organisation deal with the strategic issues it is facing and the skills and perspectives of younger people will be relevant to all organisations, not just those which have an obvious focus on young people or education. “

We could not agree more! Hurrah to CAF!

This concept isn't new.

We know that there are already charities leading the way, just look at NCB, Leap and Just for Law Kids. Students’ Unions also make up some of the UK’s largest charities as well as hitting ‘Times Not-For-Profit Top 100 places to work’ list as well, and they are predominantly led by young trustees, and often a young Chair. 

Our roots are in Students’ Unions, we were all involved when we were studying and this where our passion for governance (IKR) and diversity has stemmed from.

But this isn’t just about the boards of today, it is also a way of developing young people to be the leaders of the future. We need to be better at bringing in young professionals from other sectors into the third (and best) sector. Whether it’s an accountant, a marketing grad or an HR professional there are thousands of young people out there with energy, skills, passion and most importantly; time. Time and skills to dedicate to being a trustee and making a difference.

How can we make change?

So, have we persuaded you? Hope so.

There are loads ways you can help us achieve this:

If you’re working at a charity, on a charity board or are a chair and think this is for you then read more here.

If you’re interested in being a trustee and think you’ve got a fresh perspective to bring to the charity sector then tell us! We’ll work to give you skills, a community and opportunities to gain experiences. See if there’s a role that suits you.

If your organisation supports work like this and you think that we are onto something then why not let us buy you a coffee, and show you that we are.

If you’re an organisation that works with young professionals and fancy partnering with us to support your CSR work, give back to your communities and develop your young professionals at the same time then get in touch.