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Be a part of a strategic conversation making a difference in the world.

Your experience will bring a new perspective to the board, you might be able to better reflect how beneficiaries see the organisation, or perhaps donors, (and future donors). You’ll be able to see the organisation from a different angle, through the lens of a different generation, one that has been brought up in a world of push notifications, Twitter threads and on-demand streaming. These are all challenges that charities have to get to grips with to meet the ever-changing demands of the world around us, and you can help them get there!

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Get out of your comfort zone

Being on a Board of Trustees means getting a breadth of knowledge across an organisation; from HR to budgets, health and safety to management, fundraising to operations. You’ll get an insight into each area, taking you out of your comfort zone and into a place where you can learn, thrive and make a difference.

Help develop your career and hone your experience

This breadth of experience and working alongside high calibre individuals with huge amounts of knowledge will be so beneficial for your future career, you’ll be able to talk about this experience in job interviews, use it in your everyday activity and set yourself apart from the crowd with high level strategic thinking.

Being a trustee has given me the opportunity to use and develop skills well above and beyond the opportunities of my day job. It has pushed me to ask critical questions, think about the long term consequences of choices and drill down into the values of the organisation as well as myself. I’m better able to understand my managers and feel like I’m making a real difference – I couldn’t recommend it more.

Andy King, 24

Chair of the board of trustees, Raising Futures Kenya

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We’re getting ready to bring our first cohort of young and diverse people through a learning and development fellowship with tailored training, mentoring and support from leaders in the sector.

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