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Picture of Abiee Harris - Trustee
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Abiee – One of our good eggs

We asked Abiee to answer three questions about her young trustee experience. Abiee was a trustee of Kent Union while at University, she currently works as a research and policy officer in the charity sector.

1) If you had to describe your time as a trustee in one sentence what you say?

“A very steep learning curve but without a doubt an incredibly empowering experience”

2) What would you say your steepest learning curve was as a trustee?

“Initially it was realising the responsibility I had. It was daunting at first but I quickly grew into the role and felt more confident as time went on. The board made me feel welcome, and the use of trustee buddy groups created a space for me to ask questions before meetings.”

3) What are you most proud of about your time as a trustee?

“Speaking up when I had something to say. It sounds like such a small thing but growing in confidence enough to speak in a room of what felt like far more experienced people than me really makes me proud of myself, looking back.”

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