For Boards

Charity boards are at their best when they have a diverse range of voices.

There is a fundamental problem in getting diverse boards

100 %
Trustee positions filled by 18-24 year olds.

90% of trustees are recruited through word of mouth and brought in by people they know, it keeps the circle closed and perspectives’ narrow.

In many cases diverse boards can bring the perspective of the beneficiaries straight to the heart of the strategic decision making.

Enthusiasm, talent & time.

It’s all too often you see trustee recruitment ads looking for candidates with years of experience in their fields. But we know from experience of recruiting trustees ourselves that these incredible individuals don’t always have the time to dedicate to an additional volunteering role.

Young people with some experience in their careers will not only have the time, but also the enthusiasm to put towards an additional voluntary role.

Invest in the future of the sector

Getting young people into strategic conversations and decision making will help us develop the leaders of the future, building an approach that isn’t hierarchical or authoritative but consultative and empowering.

A New Perspective

Young and diverse boards will ask the questions everyone else is afraid to ask. They will offer ideas that others haven’t thought of. They will be able to reflect how beneficiaries, donors (and future donors) see the organisation. They’ll be able to see the organisation through the lens of a different generation, one that has been brought up in a world of push notifications, Twitter threads and on-demand streaming. 

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